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186: Enhanced microstructure and optical properties of SnSe thin films for visible light photodetector

      D.Alagarasan, S. S. Hegde; S Varadharajaperumal;  R. Aadhavan; R. Naik; V Ganesh; H Algarni; R. Ganesan


185:Impact of thin layer of Indium on In/Se bilayer heterostructure upon annealing at different temperature: Surface       wettability and photo response study for optoelectronic applications

P.Priyadarshini, Prabhukrupa C Kumar,  R. Naik*


184:2D chalcogenide heterostructures: A discussion on its synthesis, properties and emerging applications

       Swikruti Supriya, S.Senapati, R.Naik*


183:Improvement of photovoltaic performance on inverted chalcostibite CuSbS2 solar cells using Sr-doped TiO2 window     layers

   Sripan Chinnaiyah, Ramakanta Naik, Ramesh Babu Ramraj


182:High Temperature and Laser Power Dependent Raman Studies of Bismuth and Copper based Oxytellurides

    Prabhukrupa C. Kumar, M.Pradhan, G.K.Pradhan, S.Senapati, R. Naik*


181:Comprehensive Investigation of Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of MnSeTe Nanosheet-based Flowers for Optoelectronic          and Photo-Response Applications

    S .Das, S.Senapati, R.Ganesan, R. Naik*


180:Photo induced interfacial mixing of Sb/Ag2Se heterojunction layers at different lasing time for tuning its linear-nonlinear

      optical properties for optoelectronic applications: An experimental and computational study

     S.Das, S.Senapati,J. Kumar, R. Naik*

      Under Review:

179:2D Hexagonal CuGaSe2 Nanosheets Prepared by Microwave Assisted Method: An Optical and Photo Response Study for     Optoelectronic Applications

    P.Priyadarshini, Prabhukrupa C Kumar, S.Senapati, R. Naik

    Under Review:

178.Rapid Microwave-Assisted Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel CuCoTe Nanocomposite Material for Optoelectronic

      and Dielectric Applications

     S.Supriya, S.Das, S.Senapati, R. Naik*

     Under Revision:

177. Unveiling heteroaromatic carbazole-based organic dyes: Optical, thermal and theoretical insights

         N.Swain,P. Naik, R. Naik, N. Devarajan, D. Alagarasan, G.K. Jayaprakash, T. Aravinda, H.B. Shivaprasad

         Under Review: 

176:A Comprehensive Review on Synthesis, Properties, and Applications of Quaternary Transition Metal Oxychalcogenides

        Prabhukrupa C. Kumar, S.Senapati, R. Naik*

      Under Review:

175:Temperature dependence Raman and photo response study of Bi2Te3 thin films annealed at different temperatures for       improved optoelectronic performance

   S .Das, S.Senapati, D.Alagarasan, R. Naik*

    Under Review:

174:Fabrication of self-assembled 3D hierarchical CuBixIn1-xSe2 microrod based flower architectures for photo response   


      P.Priyadarshini, S.Senapati, A.Mohapatra, M.Pradhan, D.Alagarasan,R. Naik*

       Under Revision: Journal of Materials Chemistry C

173:Fabrication of high-performance RT-NH3 gas sensor based on Cu and La co-doped ZnO films through a facile drop-

       casting method

     D. Alagarasan, S. S. Hegde, R. Naik, P. Murahari Hitha D. Shetty, S. Prasad HB, F. Maiz

    Under Revision: Optical Materials

172:Cu2Te/CoTe nanoparticles with tuneable bandgaps: Implications for photovoltaic and optoelectronic devices

        Swikruti Supriya, S. Das, S.Senapati, R. Naik*

        Under Revision: Surfaces and Interfaces

171: Influence of Te replacement by Bi in In10Se70Te20-xBix films and its structural, optical and morphological behaviors for

     optoelectronic applications

      Sasmita Giri, P.Priyadarshini, D.Alagarasan, R. Ganesan, R. Naik*

        Optical Materials,146, 114522 (2023) (IF:3.9)

170.A Facile Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Bismuth Cupper Oxytelluride for Optoelectronic and Photodetection


       Prabhukrupa C. Kumar, A. Mohapatra, S.Senapati, M. Pradhan, R. Naik*

        FlatChem,100580,42 (2023) (IF:6.2)

169: Tailoring optical properties of hydrothermally synthesized SnMnSe nanocubes for optoelectronic and dielectric


        A.Parida, S.Senapati, G.K. Pradhan,R.Naik*

       Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 970,172520 (2023)  (IF:6.2)

168.Tuning in linear and nonlinear optical parameters by interfacial mixing of Sb/Ag2Se bilayer thin films under annealing at

      different temperatures for optoelectronic applications

       S.Das, S,Paikray, I.Swain, S.Senapati, R. Naik*

        Surfaces and Interfaces,42, 103395 (2023) (IF:6.2)

167: Phase change, tuning of optical and dielectric parameters in Bi/S-Se-Sb heterostructure film upon thermal annealing: An

        experimental and computational approach

        B.J. Jena, D. Alagarasan,J. Kumar, R. Naik*

        Journal of Alloys and Compounds,968,171837, (2023) (IF:6.2)

166:A Facile One-Step Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Bismuth Oxytelluride Nanosheets for Optoelectronic and Dielectric            Application: An Experimental & Computational Approach

       Prabhukrupa C. Kumar, S.Senapati, D. Pradhan, J. Kumar, R. Naik*

       Journal of Alloys and Compounds,968,172166 (2023) (IF:6.2)

165.1D Metal Telluride Heterostructure: A Review on its Synthesis For Multifunctional Applications

       S. Das, S. Senapati and R. Naik*

      Journal of Alloys and Compounds,968, 171923 (2023)  (IF:6.2)

164:Annealing induced phase transformation in In10Se70Te20 thin films and its structural, optical and morphological changes          for optoelectronic applications

       Sasmita Giri, P.Priyadarshini, D.Alagarasan, R. Ganesan, R. Naik*

         RSC Advances,13,24955 (2023) (IF:3.9)

163. Lead-Free Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Halide Perovskite: An Overview of Allrounder Performances

       P. Priyadarshini, S. Senapati, R. Naik*

       Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews,186, 113649 (2023) (IF:15.9)

 162. Emissive Nitrogen-doped Chitosan Derived Carbon Nanosheets: A Solid-state Temperature Dependent                        Photoluminescent  Study                     

       Subrata Senapati, R. Naik, Saumya Dash, Ashutosh Mohanty, Kevin Braeckmans,Stefaan C. De Smedt, Sangram K. Samal

        ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering,11(37), 13535 (2023) (IF:8.4)

161: Interface engineering at Bi/As2Se3 bilayer thin film by 120 MeV Ag swift heavy ion irradiation at different fluence:                       Modifications in its structural, optical, and morphological properties

         M. Behera, H.Rath, S.A.Khan, N.C.Mishra*, R.Naik*

         Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing,166,107748 (2023) (IF:4.1)

160:Phase-change-driven tuning of linear and nonlinear optical properties of Te/As2Se3 bilayer thin films

       D.Sahoo, R.Naik*

        Materials Science and Engineering B,297, 116750 (2023)    (IF:3.6)

  159: A facile hydrothermal synthesis of magnetic CuZnSe nanoparticle for optoelectronic and spintronic applications

        A.Parida, S.Senapati, G.K.Pradhan, R.Naik*

        Chemistry Select,8(31) e202301933 (2023)  (IF:2.1)

158:Enhancement in nonlinear optical and dielectric behavior in thermal annealing induced Ag diffusion into Sb-S-Se film:                An  experimental and computational study

        B.J. Jena, D. Pradhan, J. Kumar, R. Naik*

        Surfaces and Interfaces, 40, 103114 (2023) (IF:6.137)

157:Time dependent laser irradiation-induced changes in Ag10Te10As20Se60 quaternary film for optoelectronic applications

        S.Das, A.Parida, D. Alagarasan, R.Naik*

        The European Physical Journal Plus,138, 639 (2023)   (IF:3.758)

 156.Analyzing the optical, structural, and morphological properties of Bi-doped ZnTe nanosheets for optoelectronic

        applications and antibacterial activity

        S. Das, P. Priyadarshini, S.Senapati, S. Bisoyi,S.K. Samal,  R. Naik*

       Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 160, 170999 (2023) (IF:6.371)

155:Interface engineered nanostructured phase formation at Se/In sites by 120 MeV Ag ion irradiation at different fluences and          its structural, optical, and morphological behavior

        R. Panda, H. Rath, S.A. Khan, D.Alagarasan, U.P. Singh, N.C. Mishra, R. Naik*

        Surfaces and Interfaces, 40, 103081 (2023) (IF:6.137)

154.Amorphous-crystalline phase transformation induced changes in linear and nonlinear optical properties of Te/As2Se3

        bilayer thin films

       D.Sahoo, R.Naik

       Accepted: Materials Today Proceedings

153:Influence of La3+ doping on nebulizer spray pyrolysed In2S3 thin film for enhanced photodetector performance

        D. Alagarasan; S. S. Hegde; A. Kumar; B. Shanmugavelu; P. Murahari; R. Ganesan; Hitha D. Shetty, Murahari; R. Naik; M.              Gupta,; B. Pandit; N. Senthilkumar

       Journal of Photochemistry & Photobiology, A: Chemistry, 444, 114941(2023) (IF: 5.141)

152:One-Pot Hydrothermal Synthesis of SnMnS Nanosheets for Dielectric And Optoelectronic Applications

        A.Parida, S.Senapati, S.Samal, S.Bisoyi, R.Naik*

        ACS Applied Nano Materials, 6 (13), 11230–11241 (2023)   (IF:6.140)

  151:Ag2S/As2Se3 heterojunction films under thermal annealing induced linear and nonlinear modifications for optoelectronic         applications

       Biplab Jyotiranjan Jena, D.Alagarasan, R.Ganesan,R.Naik*

       Ceramics International, 49, 27535-27550 (2023) (IF:5.532)

  150.One-Pot hydrothermal synthesis of Cu2Te/NiTe nanocomposite materials: A structural, morphological, and optical study

      S.Supriya, S.Das, S.Senapati, R.Naik*

      Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 106, 5955-5964  (IF:4.186)

  149.Tunable Dual Emissions from Luminescent MgO Nanocubes for Possible Ratiometric Optical Thermometry Application

      Subrata Senapati*, R. Naik*

      Surfaces and Interfaces, 39, 102919 (2023) (IF:6.137)

 148.Stability of Ag2S/As2Se3 thin films under time-dependent laser irradiation and its impact on linear-nonlinear optical                  properties for optoelectronic applications

      Biplab Jyotiranjan Jena, S.Das, S.Senapati, R.Naik*

      Optics and Laser Technology,164, 109461 (2023) (IF:4.939)

  147.Nanosheets-based Cu2-xNiSn1+xS4 flower synthesized by facile hydrothermal method for optoelectronic and dielectric            application

        D.Sahoo, S.Senapati, S.Samal. S.Bisoyi, R.Naik*

        Materials Today Electronics, 3, 100030 (2023)

146:Time dependent laser-induced photobleaching effect on structural, morphological, linear and non-linear optical                         parameters of Ge20Ag10Se60Te10 thin films for optoelectronic applications

       Das, Subhashree; Senapati, Subrata; Alagarasan, D; Naik, Ramakanta*

       Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing,160,107456 (2023) (IF:4.644)

 145: A facile microwave-assisted nanoflowers to nanospheres morphology tuning of CuSe1-xTe1+x for optoelectronic and               dielectric applications

      S.Das, S.Senapati, G.K. Pradhan, S.Varadharajaperumal, R.Naik*

       ACS Applied Nano Materials 6(7) 5298–5312 (2023) (IF:6.140)

  144:Optical and dielectric characterization of nanoparticle-based Cu2Ni1+xSn1-xS4 nanosphere synthesized by facile                        solvothermal method

        D.Sahoo, S.Senapati, S.Samal. S.Varadharajaperumal, R.Naik*

        ACS Applied Engineering Materials,1 (3), 1001-1012  (2023)

 143.Time-dependent 532 nm laser irradiation on quaternary Sb10S15 In15Se60 thin films: An insight into the structural,                      morphological, and optical modifications for photonics application

        A.Parida, D. Alagarasan,G.K.Pradhan, RNaik*

        Physica B Condensed Matter, 657, 414785 (2023) (IF:2.988)

 142:Zn doping induced optimization of optical and dielectric characteristics of CuInSe2 nanosheets for optoelectronic device           applications

         P. Priyadarshini, S.Senapati, S.Bisoyi, S.Samal, R. Naik*

         Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 945, 169222 (2023) (IF:6.371)

141:Laser Induced Kinetics of Changes in Linear-Nonlinear Optical Properties of Bi15In20Se65 Thin Films at Different Time                Periods for IR Applications

        P.Priyadarshini, A.Parida, D.Alagarsan, R. Ganesan, R. Naik*

        Journal of Applied Physics, 133, 063104 (2023) (IF:2.877)

 140:Influence of time dependent laser-irradiation for tuning the linear-nonlinear optical properties of quaternary                                  Ag10In15S15Se60 thin films for optoelectronic applications

        A.Parida, D.Alagarasan, R.Ganesan, S.Bisoyi, R.Naik*

         RSC Advances, 13, 4236 (2023) (IF:4.036)

  139.Preparation of nanosheets embedded ZnSe/Bi2Se3 core/shell quantum dots for the study of optical properties and

        antibacterial activity

        P. Priyadarshini,S.Das, S.Senapati, S.K. Samal, G.K. Pradhan, R. Naik*

        Surfaces and Interfaces, 37,102686 (2023)  (IF:6.137)

 138. Enhanced photodetection performance of Silver-doped Tin sulfide photodetectors for visible light photodetection

        D. Alagarasan,S. Varadharaja perumal ; R. Aadhavan; R. Naik; B. Shanmugavelu; Salunii Kh; Mohd Shkir; R. Ganesan, 

        Sensors and Actuators A,349, 114065 (2023) (IF:4.291)

 137. Thermal annealing induced transformation in structural, morphological,linear and nonlinear optical parameters of                       quaternary As20Ag10Te10 Se60 thin films for optical application

         S.Das, S.Senapati, D.Alagarasan, S. Vardharajaperumal, R. Ganesan, R. Naik*

         ACS Applied Optical Materials, 1(1), 17-31 (2023) 

136.Influence of proton ion irradiation on linear-nonlinear optoelectronic properties of Sb40Se20S40 thin films at different 

       fluence for photonic devices

      Priyanka Priyadarshini, D.Alagarasan, S. Vardharajaperumal, R. Ganesan, R. Naik*

      ACS Applied Optical Materials, 1(1), 55- 68 (2023) 


135.Progress and prospects of 2D VS2 transition metal dichalcogenides

       D. Sahoo, S. Senapati and R. Naik*

       FlatChem,36, 100455 (2022) (IF: 5. 829)

134.A review on linear and non-linear optical properties of some specific Se doped chalcogenide-based thin films and their

      potential applications

      D. Sahoo, R. Naik*

      Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 597, 121394 (2022) (IF: 4. 458)

133. Fluence-dependent proton ion irradiation induced modifications in the structural, morphological, and linear/nonlinear

      optical parameters of Ag45Se40Te15 thin films for optoelectronics and nonlinear applications

      S.Das, D.Alagarasan, S. Vardharajaperumal, R. Ganesan, R. Naik*

      Ceramics International, 49(7) 10319-10331 (2023) (IF: 5. 532)

132.Enhancement of nonlinear optical parameters upon phase transition in new quaternary Ge20Ag10Te10Se60 films by

     annealing at various temperatures for optoelectronic applications

     S.Das, S.Senapati, D.Alagarasan, S. Vardharajaperumal, R. Ganesan, R. Naik*

    Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 915,167000 (2022) (IF:6.371)

131.Recent developments on Bi-based oxychalcogenide materials with thermoelectric and optoelectronic applications: An 


      A. Parida, S. Senapati, R. Naik*

      Materials Today Chemistry, 26, 101149  (2022) (IF: 7. 613)

130. Tuning the nonlinear susceptibility and linear parameters upon annealing the Ag60-xSe40Tex nanostructured films for 

       nonlinear and photonic applications

      S. Das, D. Alagarasan, S. Vardharajaperumal, R. Ganesan and  R. Naik*

      Materials Advances, 3, 7640-7654 (2022)  DOI: 10.1039/D2MA00646D  (IF: 5)

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